Buy and sell digital securities directly from your smartphone.

Digital securities exchange software

Experience the benefits of a marketplace powered by Open Order Book.

Fiat On-Ramp & Off-Ramp

Trading-pairs are quoted, traded and immediately settled exclusively against the exchanges’ deposits of fiat currency, eliminating exposure to cryptocurrency price volatility.

Full Transparency

Offers to buy and sell shares are displayed in real-time on the Ethereum public blockchain, unlike a traditional order book which only displays volumes provided by market makers.

Hack Safeguards

Traders alone hold their private key and all trades are cryptographically signed, adding increased investor protection from dangerous hacks.

Order Driven Marketplaces

Designed to look and feel like a traditional public marketplace with trades conducted on a best bid and offer basis, not just wallet-to-wallet matching.

Cryptographically Secure Trading

All transactions are cryptographically secure with timestamped transaction records stored on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Digital securities exchange software

Smartphone trading for today’s investor.

Digital securities exchange software

The smartphone trading app backed by our blockchain matching-engine was designed for the everyday investor with secure, clear and intuitive functionality.

The future of trading is on the blockchain.

Increased liquidity potential

Open Order Book unlocks secondary market liquidity for issuers and their investors with a global network of accessible trading venues.

Regulated oversight, decentralized trading

We build our technology to be as decentralized as possible without sacrificing critical investor protections and compliance.

Advanced compliance integrations

Open Order Book integrates with Horizon’s in-house suite of tokenization, KYC/AML investor onboarding, and transfer agent custody solutions for seamless capital raising.

Digital securities exchange software
Learn how to trade like a pro on our Game of Trades Demo app coming soon:
  • Receive $1000 in simulated funds and 100 of each simulated token
  • Manage your portfolio
  • Buy and sell shares
  • Compete against other traders for the high score

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Digital securities exchange software

When you play a game of trades, you win, or you learn.


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